Pozývame Vás do priestorov nášho jedinečného aqua centra v ktorom nájdete bazén s led terapiou, vírivkou.
Vo wellnese sa nachádza taktiež Finska sauna, parná sauna, tepidárium, ľadopád, sprcha s vodopádom a odpočinkové ležadlá.V bazéne sa nachádza slaná morská voda o teplote

With an end goal to help private entertainment zone engineers and administrators, and different people intrigued by open air amusement, this Bureau of Outdoor Recreation distribution records various expert social orders and national associations giving ease productions and different guides to arranging, improvement, and activity of outside diversion zones. Distributions and sort of help accessible are recorded for the accompanying recreational exercises: bows and arrows, bicycling, sailing and kayaking, outdoors, driving and touring, angling, climbing and strolling for delight, horseback riding, chasing, nature study, outside games and sports, picnicking, skating, shooting jelly and ranges, skiing, and swimming. Related subjects of park the board, advertising, and network activity you can see at Recommended Site which can make you an essay about each activity. As a rule, State government organizations additionally give significant data and specialized help with the improvement and activity of open air entertainment territories and offices. Great planned sources incorporate State offices, offices, and commissions directing parks, amusement, fish, game, ranger service, and different assets. Numerous school and college augmentation divisions give profitable distributions and specialized help with outside amusement.

Cenník wellness

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Otváracie hodiny

Pondelok: 10:00 hod – 21:00 hod
Utorok:      10:00 hod – 21:00 hod
Streda:      10:00 hod – 21:00 hod
Štvrtok:     10:00 hod – 21:00 hod
Piatok:      10:00 hod – 21:00 hod
Sobota:     10:00 hod – 21:00 hod
Nedeľa:     10:00 hod – 21:00 hod



tel: 056/ 67 00 506

mobil: 0948 027 212

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